JP Camber Wedge - Ready To Ship

Want a JP Camber wedge and don't want to wait? Or don't want to bother with specs? This JP Camber wedge come stock with a KBS Tour 120 S flex shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 60R standard grip and ship out within 5 business days. Expedited shipping options available.

Interested in a completely custom JP Camber wedge built to your specs? Check them out here

JP Camber is a one-piece, forged milled wedge with JP's signature cambered sole design.
  • Designed with extreme heel and toe relief and forward camber, this unique sole grind prevents the leading edge from sticking in the turf and maintains more speed through the divot resulting in crisp, clean, consistent turf interaction with every shot.

  • This perimeter weighted cavity back design creates a fine tuned center of gravity towards the center of the face for increased energy transfer, consistent distance control and face stability so you can attack the flagstick.

  • Precision CNC milled face and grooves right up to the legal limit for versatile shot making in all conditions.

  • Precision milling ensures perfect sole geometry and center of gravity for optimal turf interaction and consistent performance. This means every wedge plays exactly like it was designed to.

  • Crafted from 1025 carbon steel for a solid feel at impact. This translates to greater distance control and increased face stability on off center shots.

  • An artfully designed hand polished chrome back and glare reducing satin face combines aesthetics and performance without compromise.

  • Each wedge ships with a black Travel Wedge Cover

*Low bounce is only available in 58º and 60º lofts

*Standard head weight is 48º-52º = 292g / 54º-56º = 299g /58º-60º = 304g

*Standard swing weight is 48º-52º = D4 / 54º-60º = D5