Why Mid Bounce?

Mid Bounce is best for players who have moderate to shallow Angles of Attack and typically do not take large or deep Divots. The Mid. Bounce lob wedge (58° and 60°) is well suited for players who have a lot of greenside shot versatility, who like to open the face, and use a flop shot as a staple of their game.

Why High Bounce?

High Bounce is best for players who have a steeper Angle of Attack, more Forward Shaft Lean, typically take a deeper Divot, and put the ball back in their stance for a lower ball flight. High Bounce JP Camber is ideal for the player who wants their wedge to resist digging and to stop the Leading Edge from sticking into the ground and chunking it.

Do I need a combination of Mid and High Bounce?

If a player needs a High Bounce gap and sand wedge, they can incorporate a Mid Bounce lob wedge for increased shot versatility around the green. These players like to open the face and use a flop shot as a staple of their game.However, if a player has Mid Bounce in their gap and sand wedge, then they will likely need Mid Bounce in their lob wedge.

How long do the wedges take to get once I order them?

It depends on the availability of your custom shafts and grips.  If we have them in stock and they are not on backorder, then the lead time for a JP Premier order is 4-6 weeks.  

Do you do commissioned JP Premier wedges with custom engravings, finishes, etc?

I take a limited amount of custom projects throughout the year.  These are exclusive to Grind House VIPs and are accepted upon a case by case basis.  The timeline with these projects are discussed during the rendering phase and may take longer than 4-6 weeks.

Do you do in person wedge fittings?

Currently, JP does not do in person fittings. We're working on building some relationships with green grass facilities and clubs that would allow for in person fittings in the future. 

Is there anywhere else I can go to get a JP wedge?

In the United States, JP Golf sells directly through jpgolf.com and we have an exclusive partnership with 2nd Swing. They have 5 retail locations which offer JP Premier fittings or order online at www.2ndswing.com.