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JP Camber

A one-piece forged, milled wedge with JP’s signature cambered sole design.


Sole Design

Designed with extreme heel and toe relief and forward camber, this unique sole design prevents the leading edge from sticking in the turf and maintains more speed through the divot resulting in crisp, clean, consistent turf interaction with every shot.

Center of Gravity

This perimeter weighted cavity back design creates a fine tuned center of gravity towards the center of the face for increased energy transfer, consistent distance control and face stability so you can attack the flagstick.


A sole like no other. For turf interaction like no other.



One-piece forged-milled 1025 carbon steel creates a solid feel at impact for greater distance control and increased face stability on off center shots.

Three Timeless Finishes

Chrome, Black, and Raw give you the option to make it your own.


An artfully designed hand polished chrome back and glare reducing satin face combines aesthetics and performance without compromise.

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100% custom built wedge with 17 different paint fill color options.

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Starting at $295

Gap Wedge 48º, 50º, 52º / Sand Wedge 54º, 55º, 56º /
Lob Wedge 58º, 60º

Bounce Options 48º-56º Mid and High /
58º-60º Low, Mid and High

Standard Length 48º-52º = 35.50" / 54º-56º = 35.25" /
58º-60º = 35.00"

Head Weight 48º-52º = 292g / 54º-56º = 299g /
58º-60º = 304g

Standard Paint Fill: Chrome = Gloss Grey / Black = Gloss Black / Raw = No Paint Fill