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JP Premier

A truly custom multi-material forged milled wedge with JP's signature cambered sole design. 


Sole Design

Designed with extreme heel and toe relief and forward camber, this unique sole design prevents the leading edge from sticking in the turf and maintains more speed through the divot resulting in crisp, clean, consistent turf interaction with every shot.

Center of Gravity

The Super Tuned CG increases energy transfer to provide more consistent distance control, feedback and feel. A lightweight titanium back plate and internal tungsten weighting are used in combination to maximize the MOI and create face stability through impact so you can attack the pin.


JP Camber provides the consistency a tour player demands and the forgiveness that all golfers need.

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Injection Weighting

The JP Injection Weighting process uses high density tungsten and proprietary resins to maintain the center of gravity (cg) and create custom head weights to the tightest tolerances in golf. Injection Weighting removes the need for tip weights, which alter the center of gravity (CG), putting more mass behind the golf ball. You will feel a solid impact, have greater distance control and increased face stability (MOI) on off center shots.


Forging eliminates air pockets and increases strength which creates a consistent grain structure that directly translates to consistent feel and distance control. CNC milling ensures perfect sole geometry on every wedge. This means your wedge plays like it was designed to.


No sacrifices. No trade-offs. Just uncompromising performance and timeless design.

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"The construction and build quality of these wedges is superb. But the magic really happens when I strike the ball. I've never hit so many pins before in the span of playing these wedges, and I have been playing for 25+ years." -Justin Paek, client JP Premier

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Pitching Wedge  46º / Gap Wedge 48º, 50º, 52º /
Sand Wedge 54º, 55º, 56º / Lob Wedge 58º, 60º

Bounce Options  46º- 60º Mid and High 

Standard Length  PW = 35.75" / GW = 35.50" /
SW = 35.25" / LW = 35.00"

Custom Head Weight  46º-52º = 285g - 300g /
SW = 290g - 305g / 58º-60º = 295g - 310g