FIFTY4 / FIFTY8 High Bounce Raw Tortoise Shell Patina Set

  • 2 wedge set in 54º and 58º lofts
  • High bounce
  • Raw tortoise shell patina 
  • Platinum backplate
  • Stainless JP logo badge
  • Silver loft paint fill

This wedge set will be custom built to your specifications. If one of your wedges has a different specification than the other wedge in the set, please leave a message in the Notes section. Otherwise, both wedges in the set will be built with the specifications that you provide in the configurator.

*A note about the finish: As with any finish applied on a raw wedge, there will be wear on the face and the sole where the wedge comes into contact with a ball or the turf. This is normal. As the wedge naturally rusts, the patina finish will blend in with the rust and take on a life of its own. Enjoy the process. 

JP Premier wedges are performance first, custom, forged, milled wedges with a timeless aesthetic designed by artist and craftsman JP Harrington.

  • Features JP Camber, a game changing sole design that creates crisp, clean, and consistent turf interaction with every shot. Stop sticking your leading edge in the ground.
  • A patent pending injection weighting method that allows for precision head weights from lightweight to heavy and anywhere in between to the tightest tolerances in golf. Death to tip weights.
  • Crafted from multiple advanced materials of varying densities for a super tuned center of gravity that allows for more consistent distance control, feedback, and feel.
  • Every JP Premier wedge is forged, not cast, and precision milled for perfect sole geometry on every wedge. This means your wedge plays like it was designed to.