Camber is King

Patent-pending sole curvature known as JP Camber. 

JP Camber adds material where you need it, and removes it where you don’t.

Maximum Heel and Toe Relief

Forward Sole Curvature

Quit sticking your wedge in the ground.  JP Camber.


The consistency a tour player demands with the forgiveness that all golfers need. 
JP Camber.

Super-Tuned Center of Gravity

Carbon and Stainless Steel, Tungsten, Titanium, and Proprietary Lightweight Resins

create an engine of performance in the JP Premier.

Titanium Back-Plate

Engineered for Performance

Stop compensating for your wedges.  Start hitting your shot.  JP Camber. 

JP Injection Weighting System

Patent-pending technology creates precise head-weights from light to heavy and anywhere in between to the tightest tolerances in golf.

High-Density Tungsten

Lightweight Resin

Precision Custom Weighting

Milled JP Grooves 

Forged 1025 Carbon Steel. Precision CNC Milled to Perfection.

Custom PVD Titanium Back-Plate

Forged Titanium. Precision Milled. Hand Polished and finished with Color.

Custom JP Badges

Colors include Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Red, and Hot Pink.



46°, 48°, 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60° 

Standard Lie Angle:  64° 

JP Camber/Bounce:
Mid and High (All Lofts)

Standard Head Weight:
(46°- 52°) = 292g / (54°- 56°) = 299g / (58° - 60°) = 304g

Custom Head Weight Range (+/- 3g):
(46°- 52°) = 282g - 302g
(54°- 56°) = 289g - 309g
(58°- 60°) = 294g - 314g

Standard Length
(46°) = 35.75" / (48°- 52°) = 35.50” / (54°- 56°) = 35.25” / (58° - 60°) = 35.00” 

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Performance First. Timeless Design.

"I can hit full shots, high-low, bump and run, flop shots off of tight lies. Unbelievable." 
Marc Watkins, Watkins Golf Academy